The latest report from the Community Speedwatch scheme includes the startling information that our volunteers, on duty at the Water Run, logged a vehicle driving at 51 mph!

This is exactly the kind of behaviour that puts everyone in the village at risk (and which, of course, may well have been a factor in the recent fatal accident at Luckey’s Corner).

We understand from the report that ‘In consultation with a couple, they have been left in no doubt about the possible consequences of the driver’s actions and the implications it would have on their life, relationship and work, if they were to have been caught by a mobile or static speed enforcement device at the recorded speed stated.’ The police constable who made the visit added that ‘I felt that as a result of the meeting they will be taking my advice on board and it has hit home how serious this could have been for them.’

Hopefully that’s one couple who will observe the speed limit in future – which is what our Speedwatch scheme is all about. If you want to join the team and help keep our village safe, please contact Paul Marshall, our Group Co-ordinator, at