Location: The Street, measuring northbound traffic

Vehicles recorded: 15,750


We will post new statistics every two weeks or so, usually each time that the sign is moved. You may well have noticed the sign at work towards the top of The Street, measuring traffic coming up the hill. Interesting that close on 80% of vehicles were breaking the speed limit. And there’s still one person who thinks it’s OK to pass that sign at over 65 mph…

We do have historic data on record, too, so we are gradually building up a picture of the village’s speeding ‘hot spots’ – information we can share with the police, with Suffolk Highways, and with our District and County Councillors. Recently a Norfolk village used speed sign data to identify the approximate time when what had to be one particular vehicle always came past the sign at about 60 mph. The police set up a speed trap – and caught him the next day.