Document reviewing the effectiveness of system of internal control and internal audit for HITCHAM PARISH COUNCIL 2023-24.

Hitcham Parish Council is responsible for ensuring that its business is conducted
in accordance with the law and proper standard, and that public money is safeguarded and
properly accounted for, and used economically, efficiently and effectively. In discharging
this overall responsibility, the Council is also responsible for ensuring that there is a
sound system of internal control which facilitates the effective exercise of the Council’s
functions and which includes arrangements for the management of risk and for reviewing the
effectiveness of internal audit.
The system of internal control is designed to manage risk to a reasonable level rather than
to eliminate all risk of failure to achieve policies, aims and objectives; it can therefore only 
reasonable and not absolute assurance of effectiveness. The system of internal control is
based on an on-going process designed to identify and prioritise the risks to the achievement
of the Council’s policies, aims and objectives, to evaluate the likelihood of those risks being
realised and the impact should they be realised, and to manage them efficiently, effectively and economically.


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