Here is the election notice issued by Babergh District Council for the Parish of Hitcham.

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And here is the information our candidates have supplied about themselves:



Information from Hitcham Parish Council election candidates

Julian Brearley

As a newcomer to the village I am delighted by the friendly welcome my wife and I have been given and would like the opportunity to give something back to the village in return.

I am astonished by the range of initiatives and activities I see being arranged by hard working members of the community. and would be delighted to be a part of the group that helps define and maintain the values of village life that we cherish and that we will pass to our children.

I would like to help the Parish Council embrace the aspects of change that enhance our lives whilst retaining the historical perspective and protecting the natural environment that make Hitcham such a wonderful place to live. I believe that efforts should be made to engage all age ranges of the community in decisions that will ultimately affect their quality of life in a way that fits easily around busy working lives.

As a prospective councillor I could offer my experience living and working in many different countries and cultures, delivering technology and managing the effects of change. I am familiar with village life however, having lived in a small north Essex village and a French farming community in recent years, so I understand the value of safeguarding continuity and tradition within a community such as ours. I have a great affection for the traditions and beauty of Suffolk as my parents made it their home for the last 40 years of their life.

Hilda Bull

Relatively recently I retired from my role as an Administrator for a Chartered Surveyors, which I’d held for nearly 14 years.  Previous to that, when my children were growing up, I was a Montessori Nursery Teacher for 11 years.

With more free time available, I am part of the Steering Committee for the Neighbourhood Plan. I would love to see first-hand this Plan ensures that the people of Hitcham get the housing and development they’ve asked for, and to help ensure that applications adhere to the Plan and support residents’ needs and values.

I can also now regularly join in with several of the activities offered in the Village Hall, and want to continue to support the development of this programme. 

I’ve lived in Hitcham for more than 30 years, and I am a caring, empathetic person who can offer support to the village and the families who live here.

Mrs Wendy Crease

I have lived in Hitcham since 1987 and love this village. I am involved in lots of local activities, especially the Church and the Festival Committee. I enjoy helping with any village events and activities and will always try to do my best for everyone who needs my help.

Although I have served on the Parish Council for 12 years, I am especially interested in the Neighbourhood Plan and although not on the steering committee I am anxious to follow it’s progress.

I am not attaching a photograph of myself, mine are always so unflattering – it might put you off!!

Malcolm Currie

I am a retired rural chartered surveyor with experience in planning, law and business management. I feel it is important that as much as possible is done to help Hitcham have a vibrant and viable village community. This includes protecting our community and historic assets, our local environment and working to create an affordable housing scheme.

I have twice sat as your parish councillor. My other village roles include: chairman of the Friends of Hitcham Church (I jointly project managed the recent Tower Project) and membership of the Hitcham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee. I also regularly volunteer for various works around the village.


Jennifer Graham

I moved to the village 25 years ago and I worked for seventeen years in the office at a local primary school.  Now in my retirements I would like to give something back to the village that has been my home for so long.

I consider myself to be an approachable, open and compassionate person who would scrutinise and highlight any concerns, matters or ideas raised by villagers.

  • I feel it is essential to uphold and support our wonderful community amenities, as in some way or another they benefit all residents
  • It is important to maintain, protect and even improve our general environment and the green environment in which we all live and not allow its demise or deterioration.
  • Safety issues are always paramount and I would be prepared to press for improvements and resolutions to issues if and when they arise.

I feel that a committee should represent the whole community and constitute diverse personnel so that balanced views and opinions can achieve the best results.

Allan Scott

As one of the people standing for (in my case) re-election to Hitcham Parish Council, I’ve been asked to share some information about myself for those who don’t know me.

I had the privilege of being elected as a parish councillor in 2003 and a few years later was asked to take the Chair. Then, as now, my wish was to put my skills and my 40 years’ experience as a self-employed business owner at the service of the community.

I am standing for re-election to help provide some continuity between the old and new councils, to assist new councillors in getting familiar with the rules and practices involved in council work, and to share my knowledge of the village and of current projects.

I will not be putting my name forward for nomination as Chair – it’s time for new vision and new direction, informed by the detailed response of parishioners to the Neighbourhood Plan survey.

Simon Squirrell

For those who do not know me I’m Simon Squirrell and I’m fourth generation of Squirrells farming the land in and around Hitcham along with other family members.  I’m also probably best known as the ‘Egg Man’ managing Hitcham Hens.

I have lived in Hitcham all my life and have developed an extensive knowledge of the village and the surrounding area.  I have, so far, contributed more to the practical side of village life, helping out when I can and I’m also on the Friends of Hitcham Church committee, recently helping establish the new church overflow car park.

As I live and work here I feel I have a good understanding of the balance of village life encouraging progress, whilst respecting the environment, businesses and residents around us.

Robert Whiting

This may help to put a face to the name on the ballot paper. we live down by the old White Horse, the fella with the red van. I love this village and its people and despite surviving several years on the parish council I am happy to do my best again if you will have me.