Below is a list of document that have been produced (in blue with an active display or link) or will be produced by the Parish Council during this financial year (2023-24). This post will be updated to display the documents as the become available throughout the year.

Documents not visible or with no active link have not been produced yet this year, but last year’s versions of them can be viewed here: HPC COMPLIANCE, INTERNAL CONTROL & AUDIT DOCUMENTS 2022-23








Hitcham PC Budget for 2024-25  –   Budget Set for 2024-25

Hitcham PC Annual Governance & accountability return 2023-24    Governance & Accountability for 2024-25

Hitcham PC Bank Reconciliation 2023-24   –  Bank Reconciliation 2023-24

Hitcham PC Fixed Asset Register 2023-24   –  Fixed Asset Register 2023-24

Hitcham PC Bank Reconciliation 2023-24

Hitcham PC AGAR 2023-24

Hitcham PC Budget & Cash Book 2023-24

Hitcham PC Internal Auditor Certificate 2023-24   –  Internal Auditor Certificate 2023-24

Hitcham PC Internal Audit report 2023-24   –  Internal Audit Report 2023-24

Hitcham PC External Auditor notice of conclusion for 2024




Hitcham PC Annual Meeting Minutes from 2024


Hitcham PC Notice of public rights and publications of AGAR 2023-24   –  Notice of public rights and publications of AGAR 2023-24

Hitcham PC Completion of Limited Assurance review for year 2023-24

Hitcham PC Exercise of Public Rights form 2023-24

Hitcham PC Variance Report 2023-24

Hitcham PC revised CIL Report 2023-24

Hitcham PC Residents meeting agenda 2024