Parish Council

At the 2019 Parish Elections the following councillors were returned unopposed:

  • Wendy Crease
  • Allan Scott (Chair)
  • Pauline Squirrell
  • Rob Whiting

Two additional councillors were co-opted to ensure a quorum at all council meetings:

  • Jim Morgan
  • Brian Hubbard

Paul Marshall was returned as a councillor in 2019 but was disqualified for non-attendance.


Council meetings advertised on the noticeboard and on this site are public. Anyone is welcome to attend, and may speak if recognised by the Chair.

Normally, unless you are invited to comment on a matter under discussion, you would wait to be recognised until the agenda item ‘Questions to the Chair’.

However, the Council does feel it is important to know what residents think – so if you have views on any of the matters you see on the records posted here, please address them to the Parish Clerk, Mrs Doreen Neun.

Tel: 01449 743637  (please leave message if no answer)


The Council is required to post documents demonstrating its financial compliance on this website.

Neighbourhood Plan – the first step…

Your Parish Council is looking to create a Neighbourhood Plan that will allow Hitcham residents to have more say in what happens in and around the village, and set our priorities for the future. The first step has now been completed - we simply needed to designate the...

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Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 11 November 2019

Apologies for Absence Receive Declarations of Interest Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 9th September 2019. Matters Arising from meetings held on 9th September 2019: Updates on: Neighbourhood Plan; Fourth post for SID for near The Ranch Possible...

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A second defibrillator – at The Ranch

A quick note to say that purchase of a second defibrillator unit to be installed at The Ranch at the north end of the village has been approved by the Parish Council, and it is now on order and expected to arrive in about two weeks. The Council would like to express...

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