What are our priorities?

First, the health of our staff!

Secondly, we want to keep the shop open and normal as long and as effectively as possible.

Thirdly, we will act as an information clearing point for Hitchamand for any local villages who wish to join our network.

Finally, we propose to offer deliveries – daily if needed – using volunteers or staff members, to those who are ill or self-isolating.

How do we propose to do this?

Staff health and keeping the shop open

Ann (in the post office) will remain in the Fortress behind glass. We hope this will keep her safe, and allow us to continue to offer post office services.

We have several volunteers who are undertaking till training, to provide extra resources (including packing boxes for delivery) and to give cover if any of our main staff members have to step back.

Every hygiene precaution is being taken within the shop. PLEASE DO NOT COME IN IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OR REASON FOR ANXIETY! We can come out to you or ring us and we will deliver what you need.

Our network of suppliers means that we expect to be able to continue to supply essentials – and a few luxuries! At present we have plenty of loo paper and pasta, and every expectation of being able to top it up when needed, so please don’t feel you have to panic buy. We are having trouble getting paracetamol and handwash, but we are keeping in very close touch with the wholesalers and will get them back – soon!

Deliveries and local information

We will maintain a phone number – 01449 740224 –which will be manned whenever the shop is open (7.30am-7.00pm Monday to Saturday at present).

Tell us if you are self isolating for security or because you have symptoms, and we will share your information with the Parish Council who will be keeping a local register. Tell us if regular checks (by phone or email) would be helpful.

If you want deliveries locally, we will set up an account for you. That will need your name, phone number, address. We will clear accounts fortnightly or weekly with payments by cash, cheque or BACS.

The post office may be able to cash cheques if you need cash.

Please ring the shop for orders, or use the order sheets which will be circulated with Roundabout. Some deliveries may be the same day, but they may have to go out the next day depending on availability.

More information to follow! 

Thanks – Ruth Crocket